FAQ’s or Freethinking Agnostic Queer’s is a closed meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Like other specialty meetings in AA, we serve a subgroup of the whole. Our members are generally (but not exclusively) secular - agnostics or atheists. We are part of the queer (LGBTQ) recovery community. Cis and straight alcoholics in recovery often attend our meetings and are welcome.

Ours is a bare bones meeting: no prayer, no holding hands, no chips, no clapping, no long repetitive readings. Recovery modalities we explore include: current scientific research, mindfulness, CBT (the basis of SMART recovery), recovery capital, community support, alternative interpretations of the twelve steps of AA, etc..

We meet weekly on Thursday nights at 6pm in the small room at Lambda Phoenix Center. There are two meetings going on at the same time there - ours is in the smaller of the two rooms. Lambda is located at 2622 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006. We are currently meeting online through Zoom. Same time as usual. Click here to join our meeting.